"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Montessori Math Counters Bundle

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Montessori Math Counters

Thank you for your interest in my Montessori Math Card Counters Pack. There are 9 rock star sets of counters to cover seasons, holidays, and topics. Ready to go with a simple printing. Laminate for safe keeping. 

Montessori Math Materials

Included in this versatile set of nine card counters is over 80 pages of numeration fun. Mainly working on 1-10 the variations include clip cards, one to one correspondence cards, and simple Montessori card counters variations. 

Themes included in this pack:
  1. Christmas
  2. Nature
  3. Seed/Planting
  4. Earth Day
  5. Spring
  6. Winter
  7. Summer
  8. Thanksgiving
  9. Bear

To prepare:

~ Print on cardstock & laminate for safe keeping 
~ Provide gems, buttons, pom poms, or a paper hole punch to match the number on the card
~ Once the child has mastered 1 to 1 correspondence, move onto symbol and have the child add the appropriate quantity of gems 
~ Have the child draw a number card, or roll dice, then place that 
many gems onto the blank card
- Create word problems with the cards
- Have the child do basic operations with pairs of cards

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