"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Language - Pre-Reading Materials Pack

$ 5.00

Over 30 pages of 5 traditional Montessori Pre-Reading Lesson Materials that will easily get you started in your home or new classroom, or freshen up your current classroom work. Included in this set are links to the lessons. If you have questions, please contact me. I am more than happy to provide you with the step by step lesson. 

“I really liked the whole bundle it is exactly what I needed.” ~ TpT Buyer

INTRODUCE CHILDREN TO READING WITH REAL IMAGES and traditional Montessori lessons.

My products will include real images for children to begin their reading journey. The images are beautiful, relevant, and will draw children into the work. Children will want to learn more. Children will be excited to take the next steps in learning to read.


Easy peasy! I can direct you to my Montessori early learning blog for loads of authentic Montessori AMS lessons. 


  1. Montessori Small to Large Matching
  2. Montessori Tracing Guide
  3. Montessori Does Not Belong
  4. Montessori Classification by Category
  5. Montessori Look-Alike Matching
  6. Silence Activity
  7. Montessori Pre-Reading Lesson Pack 

Simply download, print, and laminate for use in your school or home classroom. 

For the lessons:
Montessori Language Sequence

Montessori Pre-Reading Lessons


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📌 TERMS of USE: Please use this material for your personal and/or classroom use. Don't distribute the material throughout a school without proper permission and licensing. Thank you.