"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Montessori Language Rainbow Letters Bundle

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Montessori Rainbow Letters are a fun and easy way for children to practice their letter writing. Practicing handwriting can be loads of fun and filled with creative expression!

This BUNDLE includes FOUR thematic sets (fall, spring, winter, and general) and includes lowercase 26 letters of the alphabet for each set. 

There are two letters per page in the first four sets for easy printing out and cutting for shelf work. The Spring Set is in D'Nealian Font and standard Century Gothic. The Spring Set also includes additional letter writing practice with lines of tracing for children. Have the child choose his favorite colored pencils and create Rainbow Letters by tracing again and again. This booklet makes a great take home for parents.

INCLUDED IN THE FALL LIST: apple bushel cobweb deciduous election football gourds horn of plenty/harvest Indian corn jack o'lantern katydid leaf mayflower nuts owl pumpkin quilt rake squirrel turkey umbrella vegetables wolf x (kiss) yam zucchini

INCLUDED IN THE WINTER LIST: arctic fox, boots, coat, dogsled, evergreen, fireplace, gloves, hat, insulation, jacket, kiss, log, mitten, nutcracker, ornaments, president, quilt, reindeer, sled, toboggan, under the tree, valentine, wood, Xmas, zucchini

INCLUDED IN THE SPRING LIST: a – azalea b – baseball c – crocus d – daffodil e – egg f – frog g – garden h - hose i - insect j – jump rope k - kite l - lamb m – Mother’s Day or Mother n - nest o - organic p - polliwog q - quack r - rabbit s - sprout t - tadpole u - umbrella v – vernal equinox w – watering can x - y - young z – zzzz of a honeybee

I hope you enjoy these rainbow letters!!

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