"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Growing Up Centsible: a no nonsense guide to helping kids become financially responsible adults

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Teaching kids about money is an important task for parents. Okay, I get it. No one can argue with that fact. 

Where do we start with teaching kids financial sense?

I have great news for you. This guide is your answer.

"What a fantastic resource!” ~ Carrots Are Orange reader

About the Book

My secret? I have over ten years in the financial management industry before getting my teaching certification and writing books. Over the years, I have compiled ideas, resources, and, most importantly, experiences to share with you. The journey is not an easy one. The journey is not simply about teaching kids how to add together a dime and a quarter. 

This guide includes parenting ideas and kid activities with one goal in mind: teaching kids about to be financially smart. 

Along with over 30 pack filled pages, you receive bonuses including a Teaching Kids about Money activities pack and a promo code for my Montessori materials store.

“This guide goes beyond activities for kids. After reading this guide, you will feel more prepared to help guide kids to making strong decisions around money. Plus you will learn about yourself and create more long lasting habits and behaviors for your kids.” ~ Carrots Are Orange reader

Filled with simple and tangible ways for you to bring positive money ideals to your family's life, this guide covers mindset, preparing yourself, ideas for the family, parenting ideas around teaching money sense, and includes loads of resources for your journey.

“Incredible value for all the Montessori goodness included within the book! Highly recommend!” 

Here Is A Short Preview Of What You Are Going To Learn With This Guide:

  • Why Teaching Kids about Money Sense is Important
  • How to Prepare Yourself & Your Family
  • Why Establishing an Allowance System is Key
  • When to Start Teaching Kids about Money
  • First Steps to Teaching Kids about Money
  • The Difference Between Contributions and Chore
  • Loads of Age Appropriate Activities & Themes
  • Links to A Myriad of Resources to Help Take the Learning Beyond the Guide
  • Actionable "To-Dos" for you and your family
  • Much, Much More!

Why You Should Trust Me?

I am an authentic, experienced, Montessori trained teacher and parent. I have over a decade of financial management experience. I currently manage an early learning website (that I founded in 2010) with tons of advice and parenting ideas. I am accessible and will guide you through the process.  In addition to this guide, I have written 3 eBook guides to assist parents in a variety of ways. Parents need to make money learning happen starting now and I will help you achieve success.


All about Money Learning Activities Pack & Promo Code for my Printables Shop.

The Only Montessori at Home Guide for Parents You’ll Need

TERMS of USE: Please use this material for your personal and/or classroom use. Don't distribute the material throughout a school without proper permission and licensing. Thank you.