"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Sowing the Seeds of Wonder: a Guide for Creating and Nurturing a Garden with Kids

$ 9.99

You want to start a garden with kids but are overwhelmed with where to start?

You have a green thumb but have no idea how to begin teaching kids?

So glad you found your way to this book!

One of the biggest "I wish I" comments I get from from or from my readers is about outdoor learning and especially gardening. Growing a garden with kids is an excellent learning opportunity on so many levels. Over the years I have gathered ideas, approaches, resources, and activities that will help you reach the goal of growing a garden with kids.

If you're thinking about how to integrate this type of learning into your family or classroom, you have found the right place. There is no garden too big or too small that will open a child's eyes to the amazing miracles our world has to offer. 


"This gardening with kids book is a gem!" ~ Recent Buyer


This book includes over 40 activities for gardening with kids plus a bonus lifetime offer for a set of garden printables.

Filled with simple and tangible ways for you to bring gardening into your child's life, this guide covers preparing yourself, preparing your environment, learning activities, and loads of resources for your journey. 

"Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to read and accessible to even those of us with "not so green thumbs"! ~ Recent Buyer 

Gardening helps children become more engaged in the environment, including their bodies. This book will help you encourage a lifetime love of learning without making them feel forced to learn.

Beyond the obvious learning concepts such as those concepts within botany and zoology, gardening helps cultivate the following ideals:

  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Good Health

Here is the fantastic news! You Don't Need To Spend Hours Searching for Resources on Gardening with Kids! Now You Have All The Necessary Information In One Convenient E-Book!

This practical and thought provoking guide will show you exactly how you can embrace all the wonders of gardening with kids.

“Incredible resource! Highly recommend!” ~ Recent Buyer

Here Is A Short Preview Of What You Are Going To Learn:

  • Defining Your Why (Why is it important to you to start a garden with kids?)
  • How to Prepare Yourself to Gardening with Kids
  • How to Prepare Your Environment
  • Where to Start with Kids
  • How to Start a Garden (Logistics)
  • Learning Activities to begin and further garden learning with kids
  • Loads of Resources for Gardening with Kids

Why You Should Trust Me?

I am an authentic, experienced parent, gardener, and teacher. I grew up gardening with my mother growing plants from seeds to fruit, weeding, harvesting, watering, and sowing. No corner was cut in my learning. I am a student of life and am constantly learning and sharing my ideas and discoveries. This book is one example. 

Trust the over 200,000 people that read my blog, Carrots Are Orange, every month. I am a trusted resource for parenting and learning ideas. 

Lifetime Access to Gardening Printables:

You will also receive a set of gardening printables + an amazing bonus – including a PROMO code for my printables store!

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