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Montessori Pink Level Word List Short Vowel /a/ - Carrots Are Orange

Montessori Pink Level Word List Short Vowel /a/

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This set of Montessori Pink Series Short Vowel /a/ Word Lists includes 8 cards with 8 short vowel /a/ words on each card. Each card includes a real image to match one of the words on the card. 

There are two sets. One is in black text. The other is in Montessori red and blue lettering. 

Print out on cardstock, cut, and laminate. 

Activities include:
  • reading with a partner
  • tracing the words with tracing paper
  • illustrating a story with the words
  • writing the words on a separate piece of paper
  • building the words with a moveable alphabet
  • seeking objects that match the words
  • creating artwork using a chosen word or word list

Please check out my Montessori Pink Word Lists bundle for the remaining short vowels. 


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