"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Montessori 3 Part Card Bundle

$ 19.99

This Bundle includes 30 sets of Montessori 3 Part Cards. Over 100 pages of real images & unique topics to bring into the home or classroom.

"Love them all! We're using parts of the ant on Monday. Thanks for creating such thorough, thoughtful cards at such reasonable price!" ~ TpT Buyer

Included in this bundle:

      1. Types of Ants
      2. Types of Apples
      3. Types of Bears
      4. Types of Bridges
      5. Types of Cats
      6. Types of Cows
      7. Types of Eyes
      8. Types of Glasses
      9. Types of Mountain Animals
      10. Types of Planes
      11. Types of Rocks
      12. Types of Spiders
      13. Types of Stems
      14. Parts of the Ant
      15. Parts of the Coin
      16. Parts of the Turkey
      17. Earth Day Day 3 Part Cards
      18. Female Pioneers 3 Part Cards
      19. Chocolate Key Language
      20. Valentine Key Language
      21. Mountains of the World
      22. Tropical Fish 3 Part Cards
      23. Spring 3 Part Cards
      24. Star Wars 3 Part Cards
      25. Winter 3 Part Cards
      26. Animals of the Temperate Grassland
      27. Animals of the Desert
      28. Animals of the Rainforest
      29. Biomes of the World
      30. Types of Whale

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