"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Montessori Language Lessons Bundle

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Learn the Montessori Math Lessons

Curious about the Montessori Math sequence? I thought a useful place to start would be to share the sequence of Montessori Math lessons that I learned in my program. So you will find the sequence of lessons also available in this download. The remaining four parts to this download cover the main areas within early childhood Montessori math.

Keep in mind that this is a PATH, not linear. Some lessons (Numeration and Place Value) are given in order, while others (Linear Counting and Math Facts) can be given and practiced by the child simultaneously.

Introduction to Numeration

  • Number Rods
  • Sandpaper Numerals
  • Number Rods & Numerals
  • Spindle Boxes
  • Cards & Counters

Place Value & Decimal System

  • Golden Beads Presentation Tray
  • Equivalence Tray & Crisis of Nine Tray
  • Overview of Golden Beads
  • Composition of Quantities
  • Introduction to Numerals
  • Overview of Numerals
  • Composition of Symbols
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Composition of Numerals and Quantities
  • Bank Game
  • Golden Bead Operations
  • Stamp Game
  • Dot Game
  • Small Bead Frame

Linear Counting

  • Teen Boards
  • Ten Boards
  • Bead Cabinet
  • Hundred Board


  • Number Rod Addition
  • Short Bead Stair Addition
  • Addition Snake Game
  • Addition Strip Board
  • Subtraction Snake Game
  • Subtraction Strip Board
  • Short Bead Stair Multiplication
  • Multiplication Board
  • Division Board
  • Fraction Boards

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