"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ~ Dr. Montessori
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Montessori Language - Pink Series Sight Words

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Thank you for downloading my Pink Level Sight or Puzzle words. This set of Montessori Pink Level Sight words includes 23 words for children to learn to identify in Century Gothic, D'Nealian, and D'Nealian Cursive fonts.
Let the child know these words you cannot sound out, that you must learn to recognize them.
Play games to help with learning such sight word bingo, slap the sight word, and sight word searches on paper or around the classroom.
Simply download, print, and laminate for use in your school or home classroom.
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⚡️You May:
- Use this product for your own classroom and your own students
- Share the files digitally only with your students
- Upload to Google Classroom to use with the students in your classroom
⚡️You May Not:
- Share these files with anyone other than your students
- Upload any part of these files to a website for others to download or stored on a page where others will have access to it
- Store any part of this product on a shared drive
- Use any part of this resource, including graphics and/or formulas, to create any type of resource (free or paid)
- Links MAY NOT be placed on a school webpage that is not password protected
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