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Montessori Language Lessons Bundle

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Authentic Montessori Language Lessons in One Download

Curious about the Montessori Langauge sequence? I thought a useful place to start would be to share the sequence of Montessori language lessons I learned in my program.

So, the sequence of lessons is also available in this download. The remaining four parts of this download cover the main areas of the early childhood Montessori language.

Included in this Montessori language lesson bundle: 


  1. Object to Object Matching
  2. Object to Picture Matching
  3. Picture-to-Picture Matching: Small to Large
  4. Look Alike: Matching
  5. Simple Nomenclature Cards
  6. Classification: Category
  7. Classification: Does Not Belong
  8. Simple Patterns
  9. Story Sequence Cards
  10. Metal Insets
  11. Pin Punching
  12. Silence Game


  1. Sandpaper Letters
  2. Initial Sounds: Objects and Sandpaper Letter Groupings
  3. Initial Word Building Sandpaper Letters
  4. Introduction to the Movable Alphabet
  5. Association of the Movable Alphabet and the Sandpaper Letters
  6. Short Vowel Word Building: Movable Alphabet and Sandpaper Letters
  7. Movable Alphabet: Short Vowel Words with Objects
  8. Movable Alphabet: Short Vowel Words with Pictures
  9. Short Vowel Word Labels and Objects
  10. Short Vowel Word Labels and Pictures
  11. Mixed Objects: Writing 3-Letter Words
  12. Mixed Pictures: Writing 3-Letter Words
  13. Short Vowel Command Cards
  14. Introduction to Pink-Level Sight Words
  15. Short Vowel Command Cards: Word Phrases
  16. Short Vowel Sentence Booklets


  1. Digraph Sandpaper Letters
  2. Consonant Digraph Word Building: Movable Alphabet & Sandpaper Letters
  3. Movable Alphabet: Consonant Digraphs and Objects (or Pictures)
  4. Consonant Digraph Word Labels and Objects (or Pictures)
  5. Mixed Consonant Digraph Object Box
  6. Mixed Consonant Digraph Picture Box
  7. Consonant Digraph Command Cards
  8. Consonant Digraph Command Cards: Word Phrases
  9. Consonant Digraph Compound Words
  10. Consonant Digraph Compound Word List
  11. Consonant Digraph Sentence Strips


  1. Phonogram Word Lists
  2. Silent (Mute) /e/
  3. Movable Alphabet: Phonograms and Objects (or Pictures)
  4. Phonograms: Word Labels and Objects
  5. Phonograms: Word Labels and Pictures
  6. Phonograms: Booklets and Objects
  7. Mixed Phonogram Object Box
  8. Green Level Sight Words
  9. Sentence Strips
  10. Classified Nomenclature Cards
  11. Environment Pictures with Labels

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. 

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✔️ This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

📌 TERMS of USE: Please use this material for personal and/or classroom use. Don't distribute the material throughout a school without proper permission and licensing. Thank you. 

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